About The Carve TheaterWelcome back to the historic Carver Theater; during the 1950’s hailed as “America’s finest theater exclusively for colored patrons” with the latest in technology, architectural designs, and the finest amenities. Return as history moves forward with the installation of the Carver Theater’s new state-of-the-art natural sounding Meyer Sound system; an extraordinary breakthrough in sound technology attaining an optimal acoustical experience.

Re-designed as a live performance entertainment venue primarily focus on jazz, big band ensembles, chamber music, operetta, musicals, stage plays, dance recitals, and Off-Broadway Shows; the fully renovated 16,000-square-foot theater with the “finest amenities” will comfortably seat approximately 600 guests with the ability to accommodate a much greater number for non-seated performances and special events. The beamless construction and flat flooring design provides for an obstruction less view and present endless opportunities for various productions.

State of the arts technology and the development of acoustical sound barriers designed to prevent the intrusion and extrusion of sounds during performances allows the Carver to serve as a prime venue for live audio and video recordings by the music, film, and entertainment industry. Located just blocks from the French Quarter, proximal to downtown New Orleans, the Carver will also serve as an excellent location for music conferences, film festivals and screenings, and other arts related events.

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